Select A Match:

Choose the match you want to play and show your skills.

Pick Your Playing 11:

Create your own team by selecting 11 players within a defined virtual credit of 100.

Choose your Captain & Vice Captain:

After selecting your team,Choose your Captain & Vice Captain to earn extra points.

2x points for Captain

1.5x points for Vice Captain

Based on their on field performance.

Multiple entry League:

To increase your winning chances join multiple entry league.You can join with upto 11 teams in a single multiple entry league.

Join a League:

Now it's time to join league/contest created by Khelpunch or join any private league created by you or your friends

*You can invite your friends to join a league by Contest Invitation Link.


After completion of match,check your Scorecard and Rank to claim your WINNINGS.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive.please play responsibly at your own risk.